Candle Beads give you a hassle-free lighting solution that is crafted from plant-based and non-toxic granulated wax.

You can now create personalized candles in just seconds – fill any vessel with candle beads, insert the wick, and light it up. Get ready to enjoy cleaner air, longer-lasting candles and even burn every time. Start crafting beautiful candles today with Candle Beads!

Join our growing community and start creating your own unique and natural candles.

  • Non-toxic and plant-based.
  • Slow-burning – best value for money!
  • Unscented. You can add your own essential oils or fragrance oils.
  • Always maintains a fresh appearance.
  • Does not produce soot and keeps your containers clean.
  • Interior possibilities are limitless – it’s up to you to decide which vessels to use.


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