Lime, basil & mandarin – Large Scented Candle | 230ml


The Lime Basil Mandarin Scent is a popular combination, with top notes of lime, basil and mandarin, moving into aromatic heart notes of pepper and geranium, and ends with woody cedar, moss and patchouli.
Filled with crystals & gemstones
This scent is Vegan, Paraffin free, Phthalate free, UV inhibitor free, and animal testing free.

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Introducing our latest masterpiece in the world of candle craftsmanship: the Large Rigid Concrete Paraffin Candle. We are thrilled to unveil this stunning addition to our collection, designed to captivate your senses and elevate your candle experience.

Meticulously crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Large Rigid Concrete Paraffin Candle pushes the boundaries of design and functionality. Encased in a sleek and durable concrete vessel, this candle embodies contemporary elegance, making it a striking statement piece that complements any space.

But it’s not just about aesthetics; this candle is a true delight for the senses. Made from the finest paraffin wax, it offers a clean and even burn, allowing you to indulge in its mesmerizing glow and the soothing dance of flickering flames. The scent journey it takes you on is equally enchanting, as carefully curated fragrances transport you to serene landscapes, evoke cherished memories, or simply create a serene ambiance in your surroundings.

The Large Rigid Concrete Paraffin Candle is more than just a decorative item; it’s a centerpiece that exudes both luxury and warmth. Its larger size allows it to command attention, becoming the focal point of any room. Whether placed on a mantel, coffee table, or as a centerpiece during gatherings, this candle will undoubtedly spark conversations and admiration.

We take pride in our commitment to quality and sustainability. Our Large Rigid Concrete Paraffin Candle is meticulously handcrafted using premium materials, ensuring a product that is not only visually stunning but also ethically produced. We believe in creating products that bring joy to your life while respecting the environment we all share.

Discover a new level of candle artistry with our Large Rigid Concrete Paraffin Candle. Immerse yourself in its beauty, let its fragrance embrace your space, and let its radiant glow fill your moments with warmth and tranquility. Embrace the essence of luxury and indulge in the extraordinary with this exceptional creation.

Additional information

Weight 541 g
Dimensions 10.5 × 10.5 × 15.5 mm


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