Whether you’re buying organic honey from a local farmer, all-natural skincare and bath products from a homegrown brand or hand-crafted bags from nearby rural village – you’re helping support and grow the local economy.

When you buy local, that money stays local. You’re essentially investing in the people, families and communities all around you. Spending money locally helps create jobs in your town or city which leads to a prosperous economic ecosystem that benefits everyone. With the world facing immense challenges, it makes sense more than ever to support our local entrepreneurs and small businesses – the engine driving job creation.


International manufacturers and global brands transport products vast distances by planes, ships, trains and trucks – this leads to a large consumption of fossil fuels that contributes to global warming. Annually, it’s estimated that almost 250,000 tons of global warming gases are attributed to imported products.

Buying from local sources means the product has less ‘travel time’ and therefore has way less impact on the environment.

Large amounts of plastic gets used when transporting goods and products across borders. Over 90% of plastic is not recycled and most of it ends up in landfills and our oceans, leading to devastating environmental effects.

Buying products from local sources dramatically reduces the use of packaging materials and plastics, reducing the impact on our planet.


There is a growing global trend moving towards buying handmade and hand-crafted goods versus mass produced items manufactured in factories. People are finding more value in original, unique products that are made with two special ingredients – love and care.

Entrepreneurs and smaller business owners tend to be hands-on and passionate about creating unique products and goods of a high quality. They take pride in what they do and that includes building strong relationships that lead to long-term loyal customers.


For all these reasons, and so many more, Lemonade is proud to bring you a store filled with handmade and hand-crafted goods and products that are locally sourced, made or assembled.

We’re proud to support the energy, talent and originality of South African artisans, designers and entrepreneurs.

There really is no place like home.